Meter Reading & Administration Services

Electricity, Water & Gas Services

Watts Energy provides electricity, water and gas meter readings and administration services for:

  • Commerical, Industrial or Shopping Centre properties
  • Residential properties (we are no longer taking on any new residential properties)

Commercial, Industrial or Shopping Centre Properties

Watts Energy completes the electricity, water and gas meter readings on site and all information is entered into our software whereby a summary of all tenants’ charges and individual tenant notices are forwarded to the client (all electricity charges are in accordance with the current QLD Electricity Act and Regulations).

Upon commencement of our services, Watts Energy provides the necessary material and labour resources for the smooth and professional transition from your current service provider including site familiarisation, site induction, risk assessment and emergency procedures.
A Distribution of Electricity Usage and Costs spreadsheet is also prepared each month together with the apportionment of costs which should be given to the auditors when required.

For more information regarding the electricity, water and gas services provided for commerical, industrial or shopping centre properties, please contact us.

If you wish to view the electricity, water or gas summary and notices for a specified property, please login to your account on the home page.

Residential Properties

Watts Energy currently only provides the electricity meter reading and administration services for the following residential property:

  • Cathedral Place, 41 Gotha St, Fortitude Valley QLD Australia

If you have any queries in relation to your electricity account or you require connection or disconnection of the electricity supply for your apartment at the above listed premise, please click here.